Industry logistics

The international networked production and the related requirements need an intelligent, efficient and trouble free logistics. Without the integration of suppliers, the tight supply, the optimal distribution of goods and the environmentally-friendly disposal of waste, a economical production as well as marketing processes would not be feasible. The individual components of these supply chain processes, such as storage, transports or information and communication systems, are requirements to be planned and implemented. 

Material handling and storage systems

  • Assistance on the planning and implementation for  inbound, outbound and in-house processes
  • Development of storage and picking strategies/logistics centers
  • Optimization of logistics systems (infrastructure, equipment, staff)
  • Information and communication systems/interfaces ERP systems/systems integration

Supply Chain Management/Strategy

  • Optimization of procurement and production processes/interface to the production
  • Inventory management
  • Lean manufacturing  
  • Master plans logistics and manufacturing, change management


  • Outsourcing concepts and tender preparation (including specifications)
  • Accompanied tendering procedures
  • Assistance on the start-up/ramp-up
  • Assistance with the logistics service provider/bidding process

Supplier development/Auditing

  • Logistics audits
  • Supplier management
  • Monitoring production start

Container management

  • Container concepts, requirements
  • Preparation of specifications, procurement support
  • Controlling, billing systems